Permeation-type hydrophilic glass coating and water-repellent polymer - everybody can do these two processes by themselves!  

We have packaged the procedure which is carried out in the specialist shop! Everybody can easily do the same work just as well as the pro shop.

Permeating Components

The Coating Type has a thicker coating, which reduces its scratch resistance. The Permeation Type is highly effective in achieving high scratch resistance. LEO COAT, with nano-sized glass that permeates the coated surface, is a coating that is scratch-resistant and difficult to develop water spots.

Scratch and Pressure Test

In the pressure test, which tested the depression of surface due to weight, the wrinkles and damage to the surface was reduced when there was 5kg pressure

We have commercialized the products that have been approved by the pro shop for 18 years!! 

We provide the performance that the professionals love, to many car and bike enthusiasts.

100% undiluted solution deeply permeates to protect the coated surface with a beautiful gloss!!

We don’t want to keep this 100% undiluted glass coating agent a secret.

It is easy to use even though it has top-class results!! It is high-quality with the best finish!!

It is a product we have confidence in, that achieves a first-class finish with simple operation.

Glass Coating Agent

Nano glass adsorbs and permeates ionically and increases the hardness of the coated surface by an anchoring effect, protecting the surface.
Transparent nano glass (Si) protects the glass surface with reticulated cellulose, maintaining the original color of the paint and giving it a transparent gloss.
Hardness was verified in a scratch test at an industrial test site, achieving a high level of hardness and scratch resistance even when using an automatic car wash machine and has a beautiful transparent gloss.

Polymer Coating Agent

The main component is the nano polymer with an excellent antistatic effect that reduces the adhesion of dust and dirt, which is one of the factors in the occurrence of water spots.
In a demonstration test with a race car, adhesion of tire debris and brake dust decreased sharply. Even though it is water-repellent, a smooth finish is achieved. 

LEO COAT Ceramic Nano Glass Coating

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Permeation-type Glass Coating
Double process - the hydrophilic glass coating and water repellent polymer!

We can overcome the disadvantages of the water-repellent type, which tends to create water spots caused by carbon and silicon-based dirt entering due to surface tension, by applying Polymer Coating, which achieves a beautiful finish by evening out subtle irregularities in the body surface with glass, making it difficult to develop water spots.

・The products that were appreciated for 18 years in pro shops are commercialized for the general public! 
・100% undiluted solution deeply permeates to protect the coated surface with a beautiful gloss!
・It is easy to use even though it has top-class ability!! High quality and the best finish!!

Item name of package contents quantityingredients, size etc.
Glass Coating Agent30ml silicon fluorine copolymer, silicon ultra nano glass, cellulose resin, modified silicon, ion active agent
Polymer Coating Agent30ml modified silicone, glycol-based solvent surfactant, isopropyl alcohol (less than 1%)
Special Shampoo30ml nonionic surfactant, tetranalium, potassium hydroxide
Clay Cleaner Bar Spongex 1Approx. 11cm long × 2.3cm wide × 3cm high
Double-sided Sponge for Coating x 2Approx. 10cm long × 2cm wide × 3.5cm high
Clothx 1Approx. 40cm × 40cm
Manualx 14 folds, 8 pages


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