Coating Process

Everyone can do the coating process easily,

use as well as the pro shop. LEO COAT is the set that enables you to do everything the pro shop does, except for polishing.

The main procedure in the pro shop is: surface preparation →polishing→glass coating→polymer coating. LEO COAT allows customers to be able to do the same procedure just as well as the pro shop but with their own hands.

LEO COAT Glass Coating Agent

silicon fluorine copolymer, silicon ultra nano glass, cellulose resin, modified silicon, ion active blocking agent

LEO COAT Polymer Coating Agent

modified silicone, glycol based solvent, surfactant, isopropyl alcohol (less than 1%)

LEO COAT Special Shampoo

nonionic surfactant, EDTA tetrasodium, potassium hydroxide

Before starting, wash the car as usual. Please make sure to remove all dust and dirt.

Apply a small amount of the Special Shampoo (yellow label) on the special clay cleaner bar sponge. While the car is still wet, wipe the sponge lightly over the surface of the car to remove dirt such as iron powder. Work on each block and make sure to rinse it with water.

Take the Glass Coating bottle (gold label) and shake it well for about 5 seconds. Lightly wipe any water off of the car body. It is not a problem if drops of water remain or the car body gets wet.

Apply a few drops of Glass Coating Agent to the black surface of the double-sided sponge for coating. It can be done with high quality and efficiently because there will not be any waste of the liquids.

Spread the Coating Agent evenly. If, by some chance, iron powder or dust remains, rubbing it strongly can cause damage. Wipe it lightly, while being as careful as possible.

At first spread it vertically and then horizontally. Try to spread it thinly without making gaps.

If it is difficult to eliminate uneven parts, wipe with a wet cloth or wash with water softly.
If you work on the body in high temperatures, such as under the blazing sun, it may cause uneven parts due to premature drying. Even though you wash with water, the active component will stay. 

Holding the Polymer Coating bottle (silver label) in your hand, shake well for about 5 seconds.

Apply a few drops of Polymer Coating on the white surface of the double-sided sponge supplied for coating and spread it evenly on the painted surface. Please wipe with a light touch.

Wipe carefully with the wiping cloth.

You can use it widely on the body, the surface of glass, resin, plaited parts, interiors and so on.

Be sure to check the color of the label on each bottle before proceeding.

Cautions When Using

Do not work on the body in high temperatures, such as under the blazing sun. It may cause uneven parts due to premature drying. After using, be sure to fasten the lid tightly. In the case of contact with eyes, rinse with running water, and if you feel pain, seek medical attention.In the case of contact with skin, wash with soap or running water. If swallowed, please rest and if you feel unwell, seek medical attention.

LEO COAT Ceramic Nano Glass Coating

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Permeation-type Glass Coating
Double process - the hydrophilic glass coating and water repellent polymer!

We can overcome the disadvantages of the water-repellent type, which tends to create water spots caused by carbon and silicon-based dirt entering due to surface tension, by applying Polymer Coating, which achieves a beautiful finish by evening out subtle irregularities in the body surface with glass, making it difficult to develop water spots.

・The products that were appreciated for 18 years in pro shops are commercialized for the general public! 
・100% undiluted solution deeply permeates to protect the coated surface with a beautiful gloss!
・It is easy to use even though it has top-class ability!! High quality and the best finish!!

Item name of package contents quantityingredients, size etc.
Glass Coating Agent30ml silicon fluorine copolymer, silicon ultra nano glass, cellulose resin, modified silicon, ion active agent
Polymer Coating Agent30ml modified silicone, glycol-based solvent surfactant, isopropyl alcohol (less than 1%)
Special Shampoo30ml nonionic surfactant, tetranalium, potassium hydroxide
Clay Cleaner Bar Spongex 1Approx. 11cm long × 2.3cm wide × 3cm high
Double-sided Sponge for Coating x 2Approx. 10cm long × 2cm wide × 3.5cm high
Clothx 1Approx. 40cm × 40cm
Manualx 14 folds, 8 pages

Cautions and Emergency Measures

<General Cautions>・When seeking medical advice, show the bottle of the product and the label to the doctor. • Keep out of reach of children. • Read the label carefully before use. 

<Safety Measures> ・Read the instruction manual carefully before using. ・Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. ・Do not eat, drink and smoke when using this product. ・Do not put it into eyes, on skin and on clothes. ・Do not inhale the mist, vapor or spray. ・Wash hands thoroughly after use. 

 <Emergency Treatment> ・If swallowed, do not force back up, instead rinse your mouth with water and immediately seek medical attention. ・In the case of inhalation, move to a place with fresh air and rest. If you feel unwell, seek medical attention. ・In the case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse carefully with clean water for several minutes. ・If you wear contact lenses, remove them if they can be easily removed. After taking them out, continue to rinse. Seek medical attention if any abnormalities are found. ・In the case of contact with skin or hair, immediately remove contaminated clothing and wash skin with soap. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention. ・If spilled, retrieve as much as possible and wash off the residue with water. 

<Storage> ・Store in a locked place out of reach of children. ・Keep bottles sealed and store them in a cool and well-ventilated area. ・Avoid storing in places with strong direct sunlight, temperatures over 40°C or under 0°C, places exposed to water or where the humidity is high. ・Do not store the products on their side. ・Do not store products inside of vehicles. ・Keep the instruction manual for reference until everything is used up. 

<Disposal> ・Dispose of contents and bottles in accordance with international, national, prefectural or municipal regulations.  


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